Secretary Message

Silver Bells's educational philosophy may be different from that of any other school you are considering. As a student at Silver Bells:

You are here to prepare for a joyful and fulfilling life now, through your college years, and beyond. We will present you with opportunities to sharpen your mind, to expand your academic knowledge, and to stretch your intellectual reach while you develop your skills as an independent thinker and confident communicator. 

In the meantime, remember that you are more than an academic machine. We want you to love learning and achievement, but we also want you to enjoy the arts, nature, recreation, and friends as you develop your own evolving perspective on the world. 

Within Silver Bells​’s diverse community, you will learn to respect yourself and respect everyone else whose life touches yours. You’ll carry the friendships and connections with fellow students and the faculty that you make here at Silver Bells with you for the rest of your life. 

If you embrace this philosophy—within an environment as beautiful as Silver Bells and among people as intelligent and congenial as the ones here—your school years will turn out to be more fulfilling than you had ever expected.

I'm glad you are looking into the Silver Bells School. Come look more closely; we would enjoy getting to know you.


Mrs. Mahmuda Haque